Play Ground

The school has a large play ground befitting the educational philosophy of the school.
Indoor play room.

We are having indoor play room in our school for KG wing kids.

Games and Sports facilities

The games and sports amenities of the school range from courts for games like basketball, volleyball, football, shuttle, table tennis.

Annual Sports and Cultural Meet

The school has its annual festival of sports, games and cultural activities in the second week of January every year. The sports and cultural meet is an exhibition of events demonstrating a high degree of perfection, co-ordination and skill in the presence of a large audience. Sports and games are encouraged in the school not with a view to promote competition but to look high beyond competition and participate in the events in order to maintain a healthy body and mind. It serves to foster the virtues of team-spirit and camaraderie in the energetic youngsters, apart from general entertainment.


At Muskan Public School, sports and games curriculum is an integral and compulsory part of the education process. Sports help to build character and teach the importance of discipline in life. It inculcates a respect for rules and allows the participants to learn the value to self-control. MUSKAN PUBLIC SCHOOL Ashok nagar has sports facilities, which are enumerated as below:

  • Track: The 200m track has 8 lanes and a grass surface. There is a seating capacity of 1000 spectators around the track.
  • Cricket: The school has two concrete cricket pitches and a grass pitch. It also has center grass pitch for playing matches.
  • Football Field: There is one full size football field.
  • Volleyball : There is one outdoor volleyball clay court where the students can practice.
  • Tennis Court: The tennis court in school is as per international standards.
  • Our school library is the trinity of the three, “Books, Readers and Library Staff”.
  • Muskan Public School has a well stocked library with a large number of books and journals on varied subjects. We have approximately 4000 books, Encyclopedia Britannica in 32 volumes. We have Science and wildlife Encyclopedias, a wide collection of English and Hindi Fictions, books on Philosophy, Religion, Social Science, language, Pure Science, Applied Science, Fine Arts, Literature, History and Geography, as well as books to help students to prepare for competitive exams such as, IIT-JEE and Medical. The school library subscribes to all major newspapers and international magazines to keep students abreast of trends and happenings in India and across the world. The Library has proper sitting arrangement for students and staff.

Arts, Culture and Music

Culture is intrinsic to education, just as education is intrinsic to culture. The two go hand in hand. It follows that access to cultural activities at school is essential for students. Ensuring that students have opportunities to participate in cultural activities is one of the core objectives.

At Muskan Public School we have a dedicated standards – based instructional program, coupled with specialized training in the creative and performing arts. Students who are interested in roll in the program and thus we help them in exploring their talents and abilities in the visual and performing arts.

Some of the activities include:

  • Painting
  • Pottery
  • Clay Modeling
  • Dramatics
  • Classical Dance
  • Vocal and instrumental Music
  • Craft
  • Photography


Working in close collaboration with the parents and agencies responsible for education, we aim at promoting all-round development of the student with respect to her :

  • Adjustment to environment
  • Personal growth
  • To fit our students to live in a modern civilized world through adjustment to their environment, we aim to train our students for:
  • HOME LIFE: To prepare for an effective and satisfying membership of the most important social unit in the community -the family. To teach her to budget her leisure wisely so as to balance activities that yield satisfaction with those that are useful and necessary.
  • WORK LIFE: To prepare for an effective and satisfying membership of the most important social unit in the community -the family. To teach her to budget her leisure wisely so as to balance activities that yield satisfaction with those that are useful and necessary.
  • CIVIL LIFE: To be prepared for active democratic participation in roles, large and small.
  • Through education we endeavour to help the pupils to become a total integrated personality through spiritual and moral, physical and intellectual, aesthetic and cultural, emotional and social formation.
  • SPIRITUAL: To discern the will of God in her life and to be aware of His presence, seeking expression in a personal communion with Him, so that prayer and life become completely interwoven and everything is done with the desire of pleasing and glorifying God.
  • MORAL: To develop undaunted courage to stand for right, even in the face of opposition and criticism. To be committed to the cause of justice and peace.
  • PHYSICAL: : To develop and maintain a sound body that is physically fit. To establish good health habits, attitudes and an under- standing of her physical growth.
  • INTELLECTUAL: : To cultivate the intellect, to dialogue, to analyse, to foster the spirit of enquiry, to appraise and evaluate, judge rightly
  • AESTHETIC: : To value truth and to be sensitive to human nature and to beauty in all its forms (literature, art, music, nature etc.).
  • CULTURAL: : To assimilate the culture of her own community through its conservation, transmission and renewal. To grow in appreciation of all cultures, regional, national and world.
  • EMOTIONAL: :To develop confidence with an ability to appreciate self and others. To handle in a balanced way her emotions and urges through proper use of reason leading to responsible inner freedom.
  • SOCIAL: :To promote her own social development through inter-personal relationships. To develop a deep concern and love for the poor and be personally involved in their uplift and human advancement. To strive to build a just society, a civilization of love through service, solidarity and universal brotherhood.


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