From Princpal’s Desk

Muskan Public School aims not only to produce quality education but also to produce citizens with all-round personality, fully equipped to march out into the world, ready to scale new heights and explore new vistas in life. The emphasis is on imparting education aimed at forming a character based on discipline, self-reliance and moral integrity. We encourage our students to inculcate the qualities of perseverance and intellectual curiosity and blend them with innovation in the pursuit of knowledge and education that will help them to be self- dependent. In today’s highly competitive world, I believe that it is not only important to be academically on track but also the co-curricular activities are needed for children realize their inner potentials. The school helps the students identify, develop and perfect their hidden talents in various fields, such as- quizzing, dramatics, computers, elocution, painting, music, yoga etc. There are various inter house and inter school competition held at regular intervals and students are encouraged to participate in competitions held in other schools. Our committed and professional teachers motivate and guide the children and draw out the best in them. Classrooms are technology enabled and equipped with computers, as well as laboratories. Due emphasis is also laid on practical and hands on learning and this provides an ideal atmosphere for the students to excel at academics. Marks are created in the classroom but memories and personalities are created on the playing fields. It is here that children experienced a myriad of emotions like euphoria, humility, defeat, resolute defiance of the scoreboard to rise against all odds to be a winner.

Mr. Antony Jose

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