Motto & Vision


“Sky has no limit …….. think beyond the sky and cross the limit of Sky”.

To lay the foundation of a noble character of moral integrity, brotherhood, patriotism and sacrifice in the young minds so that they grow straight and strong as ideal leaders who can shape the destiny of the nation.


Be amongst the most admired centers of world-class education to foster academic excellence, physical fitness, psychological and spiritual health and social consciousness, committed to helping students leapfrog into the 21st century as independently thinking individuals imbibing traits of initiative and leadership to enable them to become world citizens .

Encourage students to develop sound ethical values and exposing them to modern and technologically driven environment thereby strengthening our rich heritage and developing human potential towards the betterment of society. .

The school will be truly secular in nature, with no emphasis on any one religion but with exposure to and respect for all religions. It will strive to develop amongst its students an understanding and a respect for the rights and responsibilities involved in being a member of the society as well ecological awareness .being citizens of an endangered world


To provide a safe and secure environment in which each child can enjoy learning and achieve excellence.

To encourage the children to develop the qualities of self discipline, positive selfimage, resourcefulness, team work and leadership.

Our teachers are fascinator to support overall development of students.

To make children be ware and appreciative of their history, culture and traditions while being open to other cultures and alternative views of the world.


  • 1) Faith in God.
  • 2) Discipline & Confidence.
  • 3) Punctuality.
  • 4) Cleanliness & Purity.
  • 5) Devotion to Duty.
  • 6) Scientific Temperament.
  • 7) Sense of Humanism.

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